Thursday, May 17, 2007

Liv'n by the Beach

So sence It has been a while I will fill you all in on what is going on in the Catalde homestead. Matthew has learned a few new tricks, he can stand on one foot and tell you animal sounds. When he gets to excited he then will fall over and say "Whoa, cool!" He already has a sweat collection of scares all over his body and by the time I finish this he will probable have another. Most of the scares are from him thinking he is Lee Majors from the "Fall Guy" and usually involves jumping on, off, or to something.
Beth is learning to love a small backyard still, as all of us are out here. She has started a small craft buisness over the internet and has been doing pretty well. Her days are normally spent running after Matthew who has somehow tapped into the eternal energy fountian. I have official deemed her Super Mom protector of little boys.
I am moving right along with the construction industry, it is still the same as always and so each day I wake up and plug right along. My family and the thought of possible going surfing in the afternoon keeps me going, well that and the fact that I still want to pay my morgage and car payments. I must say that I love being a father. It has been the best thing and the hardest thing that I have ever been through. Some my say marriage is the hardest, but at least in my marrage you are dealing with a rational person who is not throwing a fit over the location of their sippy cup and cracker. When putting him to bed at night and he rolls over, on his own, and give me 30 big kisses it is good to be a dad. got to love that.

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great to see you are alive and well. killer family bro!

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