Friday, October 14, 2005

Starting new

It is great to be a dad. This is the biggest revelation that I have had in the past 2 months and is something that I could not explain to many people. Having a little boy that has never experienced anything in his life and watching him grow day by day and experience things for the first time. Like yesterday I think he is figuring out what a mirror is or at least he is now really confused about why his stuffed animal in the mirror moves when he hits the one next to him.

The most emotional times though come usually late at night when you have some time to think and reflect on the day. When our mothers told us not to stare at people I think that they must have forgotten staring at their children for hours on end, it is one of my favorite past times now and almost nothing brings me more enjoyment that looking at him. When you look into his big blue eyes and he smiles back, I just melt. My heart stops and I honestly praise God for my son Matt. Then usually my heart breaks and my spirit hits the floor worshiping God for giving up His son to die for us. I honestly have such a hard time imagining giving my son up for murderers, adulterers, and sinners in general. But that is what make God so amazing to me right now he did.


Jessica Klarkson said...

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chris and angela howe said...

hey guys!

Matt is beautiful! glad to hear that you're doing well and enjoying life! the pictures form your other posts are great!

we're glad to have this way of keeping in contact with you! keep in touch!

chris and angela howe said...

Hey Guys,
It looks like you got nailed by comment spam already. go into your template and turn on "word verification" to avoid advertising.